Frequently asked questions

* I want books but don’t have any money or cryptocurrencies!

As a project we are interested in moving beyond the sad capitalist world, and have taken notes from other projects with similar interests and, consequently, we make efforts to form relationships of ongoing mutuality. As such, if you would like something we print but cannot engage monetary exchange please write us or email with your offer or simply send something you believe is equally worth the costs and labour of our books. If you proceed through the ordering process our address is available under the Cash in Mail option, or you can email us.

* I don’t live in Canada. Do you ship internationally?

We do offer worldwide shipping. It often costs around 20 Canadian dollars for 1-3 books (which is what we pay domestically also, can you believe it?), but it can easily range from 10 to 40 $ depending on weight, location, etc. Our web store does not currently accept non-Canadian addresses, so please email us directly with a list of items and a full address.

* I am, or support, an anarchist prisoner. Can you send books and pamphlets into prisons?

All our material is free to anarchist prisoners internationally. Please write us.

* I am having trouble ordering through your website. What should I do?

Our web store is home-coded and there aren’t any bugs that we know of, so we’d like to hear what happened. Please email us and we will respond quickly.